Sustainability scholar hosts panel at Sun Valley Institute Annual Forum

Group of people standing and smiling indoorsThe Sun Valley Forum is an annual event that "accelerates the transformation to sustainable, equitable, and secure economies and communities," according to the forum's website. Founded by Aimée Christensen, the forum each year brings together hundreds of local, national and international leaders from different sectors to work together to build a healthier, more equitable and more resilient world. At the fifth annual forum on July 23rd-26th 2019, Amanda Ellis, the executive director of the Hawaii & Asia Pacific at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability hosted a panel on Accelerating Innovation: Islands as Innovation Laboratories with local solutions for global impact. The panel highlighted the Julie Ann Wrigley Institute's engagement in the multi-stakeholder initiative Hawaii Green Growth, the first island-based UN Local2030 hub. Speakers on the panel were:
Anake Goodall, Chair, Hillary Institute of International Leadership, New Zealand.
Henk Rogers, Blue Planet Foundation, Hawaii, Board Member, ASU Wrigley Institute.
Austin Shelton III, Assistant Professor of Extension & Outreach, University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability.
John Bailey, Co-Founder, Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee, Hawai’i.
Brynn Foster, Founder & CEO Voyaging Foods Hawai’i.
Julie Wrigley, co-founder of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, is a Sun Valley Institute board member. Photo: Left to right: Anake Goodall, Brynn Foster, Amanda Ellis, Henk Rogers, Dr. Austin Shelton, John Bailey, Aimée Christensen