Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council presents SPRI with Outstanding Case Award

Members of Arizona State University’s Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative team won the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council’s Outstanding Case Award for their case study “Environmental Purchasing in the City of Phoenix.” The case study by Stuart Bretschneider, Justin Stritch, Lily Hsueh and Nicole Darnall, co-founder of the SPRI, pinpoints both the facilitators and challenges of implementing an environmental purchasing policy (EPP). It also offers eight recommendations for how cities like Phoenix can integrate an EPP more fully into their existing purchasing processes. A partnership between the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and the Center for Organization Research and Design, the Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative aims to conduct interdisciplinary research to promote more sustainable purchasing among consumers. The case study is just one example of the actionable research insights the SPRI presents as it strives to advance eco-friendly purchasing.