UN’s grim warning on extinction: Is there still time?

Barbary ApeAccording to a new report published recently by the United Nations, Earth’s biodiversity is on a rapid decline more than ever recorded in human history. The UN warns, one eighth of animal and plant species could vanish completely if human habits continue down the same trajectory. The report points to factors like climate change, ecosystem fragmentation and natural resource pollution for accelerating species extinction. However, Leah Gerber, one of the UN report’s lead authors and Arizona State University Center for Biodiversity Outcomes founding director, shares a glimmer of hope in an article by AZ Central titled “UN biodiversity report paints bleak future, but ASU researcher says there’s time to reconnect with the environment.” “The findings are pretty stark, but I’m optimistic about the potential call to action that I think will hopefully be realized. While the situation may sound overwhelming there are still ways individuals can do their small part to help,” said Gerber. She continues to identify areas in which people can change like bag bans in Arizona legislation, the over-consumption of water and our human relationship with nature to help combat the dire ecological situation.