Dolphinaris, deadliest facility in the U.S.

Dolphin in captivity showing head above waterAccording to new details, bottlenose dolphins at Dolphinaris Arizona die at one of the highest rates recorded at a U.S. facility exhibiting marine mammals. For the two years Dolphinaris was open, four of their eight dolphins passed way. Two of the dolphins succumbed to an infection and two of the dolphins’ deaths still yet to be determined. Arizona State University’s Leah Gerber, a professor in the School of Life Sciences, a senior sustainability scientist in the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and founding director of the  Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, shares her insight in a recent article by AZ Central. "These animals are used to being in a vast, deep ocean where they travel wide and communicate over large distances, so putting them in a concrete pool doesn't bode well for their physical or mental health," Gerber said. Click here to read the full article.