2019 Poster Event Results

Congratulations to all 25 of our student/postdoc researchers on a job well-done in preparing and delivering your posters at our 2nd annual Urban Climate Research Center poster event on March 27, 2019.

After tallying the judges results, we are pleased to announce the winners as follows:

  • Graduate Student Category:
    • 1st Place – Lance Watkins (SGSUP), poster title: Comparison of Two Vulnerability Indices to Household Experiences with Extreme Heat in Phoenix Arizona
    • 2nd Place – Saud AlKhaled (TDS), poster title: Predictors of Urban Induced Heating under the full Evolution of the Diurnal Cycle
    • 3rd Place – Nicholas Weller (SOS), poster title: Mapping Public Values about Climate Adaptation and Resilience using Deliberative Forums.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher category
    • 1st Place – Ashley Broadbent (SGSUP), poster title: Adaptation to Projected 21st Century Heatwaves in three U.S. Cities
  • Undergraduate Student Category
    • 1st Place – Sarthak Gupta (SGSUP), poster title: Quantifying Urban Encroachment on Forest Land using Machine Learning with Remote Sensing.

See Events page to view the 1st place posters.