Now Hiring! Enhancing science outcomes postdoc

Lady bug on green leaf standing next to drop of waterThe ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes is currently hiring a postdoctoral research associate to conduct research on boundary organizations practice. This research has an application to multi-stakeholder (including corporations, agencies and policy makers) collaboration, communication and decision-making. In more detail, the researcher will:
  • Collaborate on research on boundary organization practice and mechanisms to cultivate leadership and broad engagement.
  • Place a special emphasis on writing journal manuscripts and coordinating the publication of journal manuscripts.
  • Write proposals for support of research in boundary organization operation, collaborative knowledge building, and intra/inter organizational efficacy in problem solving.
  • Collaborate with nongovernmental partners in employing models of actionable science.
This work is part of an National Science Foundation grant secured in partnership between CBO and the Center for Organizational Research and Design. To learn more and apply, please click here.