ASU partners with UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre

It is important that businesses understand how they are affecting biodiversity and how well they are managing that impact. Arizona State University, through the PLuS Alliance, partners with the United Nations Environment Programme WCMC on its Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business project aims to bring together indicator developers and key stakeholders in a series of workshops to form a common view on measuring, monitoring and disclosing corporate biodiversity impact and dependence. From these workshops, the program will then integrate credible and comprehensive indicators of business contributions to the global biodiversity goals into corporate reporting and global policy frameworks. The first of these workshops, which aims to explore current methodologies and identify common ground took place in Brussels March 26-27, 2019. The second workshop will take place in Brazil in November 2019 and will look to understand how current indicators can contribute to supporting global policy needs. The PLuS Alliance team of development experts are working to create a knowledge-to-action framework and case studies in agricultural development (Indonesia), social business (Bangladesh), and urban waste management (India), which will be disseminated to practitioner communities globally.