ASU, Wells Fargo advancing K-12 sustainability education

Visual storytelling meeting notes K-12 Sustainability Education NetworkMany students go through elementary, middle and high school without ever learning about sustainability. That needs to change — and Arizona State University is doing something about it. Accomplishing this will require systemic change and large-scale collaboration, which is why Christopher Boone, dean of the School of Sustainability at ASU, and CaSondra Devine, sustainability initiatives leader at Wells Fargo, recently put their heads together with more than a dozen local and international sustainability leaders for a three-day brainstorming conference hosted at ASU's Wrigley Hall. These participants, collectively called the K–12 Sustainability Education Network, came from universities (ASU and the University of Minnesota), nonprofits (UNESCO, Green Schools Alliance, National Council for Science and the Environment, North American Association for Environmental Education, Ten Strands, the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education and Training to Work an Industry Niche) and Wells Fargo, a corporate sponsor of many K–12 sustainability initiatives. They put together a four-step action plan to grow K–12 sustainability education and outlined challenges they could face along the way. Read the ASU Now article for details about the conference.
Core participants of the K–12 Sustainability Education Network
Top photo: A portion of the visual storytelling meeting notes recorded at the K–12 Sustainability Education Network conference.