Sustainability scientist Nancy Grimm wins fellowship

Nancy Grimm working in the fieldSenior Sustainability Scientist Nancy Grimm, the Virginia M. Ullman Professor of Ecology in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, was named a 2019 Fellow of the Society of Freshwater Science in honor of her outstanding contributions to stream and watershed science. According to Grimm's biography on the Society of Freshwater Science fellows site, "Grimm studies urban and stream ecosystems. Initially working on stream nitrogen dynamics, she expanded out and down to riparian and hyporheic zones and then abruptly became an urban ecologist."
Nancy Grimm (center, in black) working in the field with students
Grimm began new research in 2015 comparing stream ecosystem metabolism across diverse U.S. regions using innovative sensor-based measurement. This research builds on 40 years of research on stream ecosystem dynamics in Arizona. Grimm’s long-term urban research program, affiliated with the Central Arizona–Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research program since 1997, addresses problems ranging from urban sustainability and resilience to the impacts of climate change on water, infrastructure, and ecosystem processes and services, focusing particularly on storm water infrastructure. New research in her capacity as co-director of the Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network continues these themes in nine U.S. and Latin American cities. “SFS was the first scientific society I joined as a graduate student, and has been my favorite even as my work has moved beyond freshwater systems. I am so honored to be recognized as an SFS felliow,” Grimm said.