New FutureCities podcast explores heat and thermal comfort

FutureCities podcast logoIn latest episode of FutureCities podcast, "Heat and Thermal Comfort," host Stephen Elser interviewed Yuliya Dzyuban, Arizona State University School of Sustainability PhD student and Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network fellow, about her research involving extreme heat and the ways that people perceive and cope with that heat. Dzyuban and Elser discussed the different aspects that affect one's thermal comfort, Ukrainian bus stops, and how urban design can be improved in Phoenix. Dzyuban shared her research illustrating that integrating artistic elements into bus stops can actually make people feel cooler than they would in a bus stop with no such elements. Listen to the 26-minute episode on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and Google Play. FutureCities is a monthly podcast that aims to increase awareness of, and to catalyze action on, urban resilience. The show examines this topic by discussing ongoing research, highlighting current efforts, and sharing stories of resilience in cities across the world.