Invisible Wild

Presenter hugging dogA significant proportion of the Earth’s biodiversity has been erased, not from the world, but from our collective depiction of nature. Join us this Thursday, January 17, 2019, from 1-2 p.m. for a brown-bag lunch talk on compassionate conservation. The talk will take place in ASU Tempe campus, Life Sciences-E Wing, Room 244. Presenter: Arian Wallach My research combines ecological science with ethics to promote compassionate approaches to conservation. I aim to develop, apply, and promote non-lethal and non-invasive strategies that enable the persistence of species without causing intentional suffering to individual wild animals. I collaborate with landholders to secure protection for wild animals from farming-related persecution, conservation culling, and commercial hunting. My ecological research explores how human-assisted redistribution of species promotes biodiversity in the Anthropocene, and how apex predators enable coexistence between native and introduced species. Click here to learn more about her work.