Amanda Ellis presenting a talk in San Jose, CA at RELX Group SDG Inspiration Day

Sustainability scholar presents at RELX Group SDG Inspiration Day

Amanda Ellis giving presentation

The first RELX Group SDG Inspiration Day in San Jose, California featured a talk from Amanda Ellis, executive director of Hawaii and Asia Pacific in the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. Ellis’s talk, titled "The Diversity Dividend — Technology to Advance the SDGs," focused on inspiring stories of how women are making the world a better place through innovative ideas and businesses. Stories included some of the WE Empower U.N. SDG Challenge awardees who run sustainable businesses. Ellis also discussed how Hawaii, where she lives, is committing to ambitious sustainability goals.

"I think through understanding what we can do through tech, through data, and through taking on some of the brilliant inspirational ideas that are not only generating in this room, but generating from women around the world in the most unlikely places, I really believe there's no need to be despondent. We can absolutely fight this and win the war," Ellis said at the end of her talk.