Sustainability students plant seeds for new semester

Woman holding a large green plant with white flowersSustainability students are growing into the new semester — along with a new crop of vegetables in their revamped community garden. Students of all grade levels gathered in the S-cluster community area of the Adelphi II dorms in Tempe on Friday to reclaim their community garden after being away while the Adelphi Complex was shut down for renovation. The garden is about so much more than growing plants, according to Yaritza Hernandez, a sophomore double-majoring in sustainability and innovation in society. “I think it is great for the incoming freshmen to have our garden that we didn’t have last year. I think it is just nice to garden; it’s a nice way to spend my Friday,” Hernandez said. “Everybody gets to meet each other, and it is just a way for the freshmen to meet the upperclassmen. I think it is definitely a form of community.”
TEMPE - September 21, 2018 - ASU Now - Adelphi Sustainability Cluster - Residents of the Sustainability Cluster at Adelphi at ASU's Tempe campus plant vegetables in the community garden. The vegetables harvested from this garden are used by students living in the sustainability cluster to prepare meals for themselves throughout the year. Photo by Marcus Chormicle/ASU Now
The garden will be available to anyone in the dorm who wants to eat the food, which will include lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, jalapeños, kale, a fig tree and edible flowers. Alexandra Neumann, a sophomore double majoring in sustainability and conservation biology, said that this group activity was reflective of the School of Sustainability’s commitment to live what they learn and what they teach. “The School of Sustainability is really good about building community through doing things that relate to what we are studying,” Neumann said. “And gardening is one of the best ways to build communities, so that is why I am here, to meet new people and to grow some food.” Read the full story on ASU Now.