ASU forms partnership to develop remote medical clinics

man in collared shirt posing in front of solar panelsArizona State University has joined forces with Medavate and Baya Build, companies that innovate in healthcare and construction industries, respectively, for a unique partnership to deliver groundbreaking healthcare through remote medical and telehealth clinics. The trio partnered based on common missions to address inefficiencies in healthcare, building and energy. The partnership's energy solutions are designed and integrated by an interdisciplinary team of collaborators led by Nathan Johnson, an expert in sustainable and resilient energy systems at Arizona State University. Johnson is an assistant professor in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, director of the Laboratory for Energy and Power Solutions, and senior sustainability scientist in the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. Johnson’s team of researchers and developers collaborate with developing countries seeking to address energy needs for emerging market economies and the rural poor. Their work incorporates both on-grid modernization and off-grid solutions for application to industrialized countries and emerging economies. The partnership represents the first of its kind to bring safe, sustainable and equitable healthcare to remote and underserved regions, and launches a larger goal to continue bringing integrated health in the form of clinics, housing and education. Improving access to energy, water and healthcare for remote populations is central to ASU’s aspirations to conduct use-inspired research, transform society and engage globally. Johnson says that “we are fortunate to be conducting work in several dozen countries with recent efforts including refugee camps and refugee-affected areas” and “the partnership with Baya Build and Medavate is a wonderful opportunity to support healthcare needs for people around the world.” Read the full press release. For more information, please contact Samson Szeto, Communications Program Coordinator for ASU LightWorks®.