Meet sustainability student Bridget Abraham

Woman with ASU shirt on pier overlooking oceanBridget Abraham recently began pursuing a bachelor of science in sustainability at Arizona State University. She became interested in sustainability during her time at Chandler High School, where she was Student Body President and involved in all Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes. During Abraham’s junior year, she enrolled in AP Environmental Science, and through a partnership between ASU and Chandler High, she earned School of Sustainability credit for this class. Abraham answered questions for us about how this experience in high school led her to choosing a path in sustainability, and what sustainability means to her. Question: What did you like about the ASU Sustainability School @ Chandler High School program? Answer: The aspect I enjoyed the most about SOS was the passion behind it. My teacher, Mrs. Culver, loved what she taught and put all her effort into her students to share her knowledge and passion. I was captivated not only by what she taught us, but also her devotion to the environment. Q: What was your “aha” moment when you realized you wanted to study sustainability? A: I realized I wanted to study sustainability at the start of writing my extended essay [for my Environmental Science class]. The lessons taught by Mrs. Culver and Professor Tetreault [from the School of Sustainability] were amazing, yet at that time, I wasn't sure what exactly I could do with that information. In the midst of writing my essay, I had to find solutions about the deforestation problem in Haiti, which made me realize the importance of sustainability — not only knowing and understanding the problems but finding solutions and alternative methods to these complex issues. Q: Why did you choose ASU/the School of Sustainability? ASU student smilingA: I chose SOS because of the partnership program with Chandler High School and ASU, and I realized sustainability is a necessity in the upcoming world. It's impossible for our society to continue living the way we do today, without sustainability, and I want to be someone significant who makes the world better. Additionally, I chose ASU because it was close to home, the most cost effective, and well-renowned for its education. Q: Do you have any ideas about how you plan to apply sustainability to your future career? A: I currently am a part of the NGSC Program, which incorporates the political, business and nonprofit sectors. I'm not 100 percent sure which sector I'll be in in the future, but I believe NGSC will help guide me with my sustainability path. I could see myself either in business or government, either finding alternative methods and choices while still making a profit or encouraging and writing bills and laws that are required to be followed by others. Q: What does sustainability mean to you? A: To me, sustainability simply means helping the earth. Humans will continue to use resources, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. However, replenishing the earth and its resources to the best of our ability is important, to allow for the continuation of humanity.