Bipartisan conversation on pricing carbon emissions attracts nearly 1,200

Since 2015, Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and ASU LightWorks have partnered with the Security and Sustainability Forum on a variety of webinars related to sustainability. The most recent of these, moderated by ASU Wrigley Institute board member Bob Litterman and featuring a powerhouse panel headlined by Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, attracted nearly 1,200 registrants. It was the most highly-watched webinar since the partnership began. The School of Sustainability-sponsored webinar, Bipartisan Conversation on Pricing Carbon Emissions, included a discussion of current efforts to price carbon emissions. Panelists explored the most likely pathways toward pricing carbon, whether federal or state legislative efforts would gain more traction, and what kind of solutions might generate bipartisan support. The webinar followed an ASU LightWorks-sponsored event, Reframing Carbon Capture and Reuse. RELATED: Litterman penned a recent Thought Leader Series essay on the topic of carbon pricing, outlining a conservative case for a carbon tax.