UCRC 2018 Poster Event Award Winners

UCRC POSTER EVENT 2018The UCRC recently hosted its inaugural Poster Event, April 3rd, at the MU. Five ASU schools were represented along with 2 collaborating institutions: University of Southern California & Georgia Tech providing a total of 22 posters. Judging was completed late last week and all award winners were notified early this week. Awards were given to the following:

  • 1st Place in the Postdoctoral Researcher category – Ashley Broadbent (SGSUP), poster title: Do Photovoltaics Impact Local Air Temperature and Surface Energy Balance?
  • 1st Place in the Graduate Student category – Chenghao Wang (SSEBE), poster title: Solution or Problem? Effects of Urban Trees on the Turbulent Transport of Airborne Pollutant from Traffic Emission
  • 2nd Place in the Graduate Student Category – Yun Li (USC), poster title: The Impacts of Urbanization on Meteorology and Air Quality in Southern California
  • 3rd Place in Graduate Student Category – Saud AlKhaled (TDS), poster title: Between Aspiration and Actuality: A Systematic Review of Urban Heat Mitigation Strategies in Hot Urban Deserts.

A unique component to this poster event was the opportunity to have several presenters participate by Skype. This gave ASU participants the opportunity to interact with students from around the country who are engaged in urban climate collaborations with ASU researchers.

Chenghao Wang: 1st Place Grad Student    Ashley Broadbent: 1st Place Postdoc