ASU launches the Global Drylands Center

Global DrylandsThe Global Drylands Center (GDC) celebrated its first six months with its official launch last Thursday. The amicable gathering hosted at the University Club brought together affiliates and faculty from diverse disciplines. A welcoming talk by GDC Director Dr. Osvaldo Sala highlighted early accomplishments, acknowledged the help and participation of affiliates and staff, and thanked the support of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and ASU Wrigley Institute. Following, ASU Wrigley Institute Director Gary Dirks highlighted the intersecting grounds of GDC and the ASU charter. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Natural Sciences Dean Ferrán García-Pichel also gave some words, offering a historic perspective of the center as an interesting analogy between the importance of history for science and the inception of GDC. Attendees included faculty from five colleges and seven schools, as well as GDC affiliates including scientists, artists, historians, and community stakeholders from several different disciplines. Activities to promote interactions among peers from distant fields sparked vivid conversations, ideas, and laughter. It is the hope of the GDC leadership that the excitement materializes in fruitful collaborations and further engagement of anyone interested in the sustainable future of drylands around the world. Closing the event, GDC staff presented a promotional video that highlighted the importance of drylands worldwide and described GDC’s mission and vision.

Global Drylands Center from ASU VisLab on Vimeo.