Research Highlight: Dave Sailor receives Best Paper and Editor’s Choice Awards from Building and Environment

he Editors of the Elsevier journal Building and Environment (Impact Factor 4.1) have announced their Editor’s Choice Awards.

The journal’s Editors selected 9 articles that best represent the aims and the scope of this international publication, covering the main topics. The Journal is focused on new knowledge, rigorously verified with measurement and analysis, related to the environmental performance of the built environment in a wide range of spatial scales, ranging from building systems and assemblies to buildings, communities and cities as well as other built environments such as transportation.

UCRC Director Dave Sailor’s article “Effectiveness of indoor plants for passive removal of indoor ozone”, co-authored with his former PhD student (Omed Abbass) and another colleague at Portland State University (Elliott Gall) was among the 9 articles selected for this honor. This article had previously been selected as a “Best Paper of 2017” for the journal.

Very exciting news!

The article can be found (open access) at