ASU Open Door: Learning about the natural world

Close up of kids hands playing with animal figurinesOn February 24, the ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes joined other ASU centers and schools in engaging with children of all ages as part of the ASU Open Door 2018. For its third year participating in the program, the center organized three activities designed to teach students about conservation. This included asking participants to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle of the Amazonian rainforest, matching animals and people to certain biospheres and letting children dig for (fake) insects in a tin of soil. Prizes were handed out for completion, which included nature-themed bookmarks and stickers. For the first time, a TED-ED video was shown on loop at the table explaining biodiversity and its global importance. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to watch children, from babies to high-school students, learn about the natural world and have fun doing it,” Project Manager Amy Scoville-Weaver said. “I hope they all came away with a new interest in biodiversity and the role they can play in conserving it.” Initial numbers estimate as many as 4,000 people participated in the event.