Student Career Fair Veteran Research Spotlight

Student Veteran Career FairIn February, the NEPTUNE project – an Office of Naval Research funded project focused on energy research, dynamic learning and engagement with the military service – along with ASU LightWorks® coordinated the first-ever veteran-focused addition to ASU’s spring 2018 University-Wide Career & Internship Fair. This was an opportunity to get an inside look at faculty and NEPTUNE’s student veteran research in the areas of microgrids, cybersecurity, and technology. It provided an opportunity for corporations and NGOs to connect with the veteran population in the ASU community. “Supporting research that targets key military and national energy challenges is a vital component of ONR’s mission, driving technology advancements...However, creating a culture of energy innovation requires a parallel professional development effort to implement such advancements." - Dr. Richard Carlin, head of ONR’s Sea Warfare and Weapons Department. At this event, six prominent NEPTUNE projects were showcased:
  • Cyberphysical Simulation and Control of Interconnected Self-Organizing Microgrids - Nate Johnson
  • Doppler LIDAR for Wind Farm Control & Development of a Photonics Lab - Ron Calhoun
  • HETAI: Hacker Threat Actor Identification - Paulo Shakarian
  • Text and Data Mining for the Improvement of Energy Disaster Response - Michael Simeone
  • Simulating Military Base Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate Change Stressors - Nathan Johnson & Mikhail Chester
  • Real-Time and Recovery of Microgrid Assets for Improved Cybersecurity - Nathan Johnson & Anna Scaglione
During the Veteran's Research Spotlight, four veterans who are engaged in NEPTUNE research projects sharing their experience. This included topics ranging from translating military service experience into technical energy skills, their transition from the active service to academia, how to get involved and the benefits here at ASU.