Future Cities podcast episode 3: Financing urban resilience

UREx podcast logo 2.0Urban resilience projects are all well and good, but how do we actually implement them? This episode focuses on the financial aspects of getting projects off the ground and different financing options for cities to consider. Joyce Coffee leads the discussion as our two guests, Shalini Vajjhala and Stacy Swann, bring their expertise from the world of finance to help shed some light. Vajjhala is the founder and CEO of re:focus partners, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, and a former USEPA Special Representative leading the US-Brazil Joint Initiative on Urban Sustainability. Swann is the founder and CEO of Climate Finance Advisors, the Vice-Chairperson of the Board for the Montgomery County Green Bank, and a former senior advisor on climate finance to the US Department of the Treasury. Coffee is the founder and president of Climate Resilience Consulting and a Senior Sustainability Fellow at the Global Institute of Sustainability. This episode is a highly edited version of about 1.5 hours of material from an online seminar on the topic of financing urban resilience. If you'd like to hear the full discussion and see the accompanying slides, please send us an e-mail. And, as always, If you have questions or suggestions for future episodes, e-mail us at  or follow us on Twitter. Listen on iTunes , Stitcher or Buzzsprout.