Promoting gender equity and diversity at ASU

Participants sitting around table having a discussionThe ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes and Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology have partnered to host a series of dialogues exploring ways in which institutional transformation can lead to diversity and inclusiveness in STEAM+H (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and health) opportunities. The series, titled “Community of Scholars Committed to Inclusive STEAM+H Pathways,” has drawn active participation from approximately 25 faculty and deans. During the Friday, April 14th session, Dean Alfredo J. Artiles of the ASU Graduate College, accompanied by Director Jennifer Cason, cited important data reinforcing the importance of diversifying graduate school. Out of 13,098 graduate students who enrolled in fall 2016, only 22.5% were minorities (minorities includes all categories except White, International and Unspecified). They also reviewed a number of initiatives designed to provide academic and student support to assist minority students. “I am personally grateful for the session yesterday and for your larger efforts at supporting diversity and inclusion in STEAM+H here at ASU,” expressed Monica H. Green, Professor of History at the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. “It’s not only the students who need affirmation that we belong here!” The sessions include an interactive portion to allow participants a chance to brainstorm potential synergies and funding collaborations to increase diversity through fellowships and proposals.