Students benefit from knowledge partnership

Light bulb against blackboard that reads "innovation, vision creativity, support"Today, State Press published a featured story covering the ASU-Conservation International (CI) Knowledge Partnership managed by the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes (CBO). As part of the partnership, ASU recently welcomed six CI scientists as Professors of Practice. “The idea [behind this partnership] is to create additional research, education and engagement activities for students and faculty in the realm of biodiversity conservation,” explained Beth Polidoro, CBO Associate Director of Research and professor of environmental chemistry. Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by the Professors of Practice, enhancing their ability to bridge academic knowledge and practical applications to help solve real-world biodiversity conservation issues. In addition, they will be exposed to networking opportunities and one-on-one career mentoring. Amy Scoville-Weaver, CBO Project Manager, coordinates this initiative and helps create connections within the university. “Sustainability, it's across disciplines, and I think it doesn't matter what you're doing, even if you're a literature major and are interested in biodiversity," she explains. “Ultimately, everything is connected back to the foundations of life.”