Sustainability Planning at the City of Bisbee

Torin Sadow Torin Sadow, a BA alum in Sustainability and Urban Dynamics and a BS in Planning, took on a challenging project as a Sustainability Intern with the City of Bisbee Public Works. Sadow was responsible for helping the City of Bisbee create a municipal sustainability plan. Sadow’s aim was to use his knowledge of sustainability and urban planning to create:
  • A comprehensive municipal sustainability plan for Bisbee
  • A comprehensive parking plan/map for the Streets Department
  • An ADA self-evaluation map for Bisbee
He also aimed at making Subway Street a walk-only street by closing it to vehicular traffic. Beginning January 16, 2016, Sadow worked with several stakeholders, each having had a key role in the outcome of the projects. The stakeholders involved: 1. Andy Haratyk, City of Bisbee Public Works Director - Haratyk helped in getting a $500,000 grant for new recycling facilities. He also mentored Sadow in some of the projects he worked on such as the Subway Street Walk-only zone, Old Bisbee Parking Plan, ADA Self-Evaluation and Traffic Control Study. 2. Jestin Johnson, City of Bisbee City Manager - an advisor for the overall internship period 3. Serena Sullivan, City Councilmember - an advisor for the Bisbee Sustainability Plan 4. Bisbee Sustainability Commission - partner for the Bisbee Sustainability Plan Bisbee Aerial Sadow was able to achieve these goals by the end of his internship, April 28, 2016, and create a comprehensive sustainability plan for the city, which is currently being incorporated into the Bisbee General Plan by the city council. His parking plan, which he arrived at through extensive research, was used to pass new parking ordinances for the downtown Old Bisbee district. The ADA Self-Evaluation map he made has now been used to meet ADA compliance throughout the city. Finally, his submission with Andy Haratyk for a grant of $500,000 to get a new municipal recycling transfer station was accepted. When asked about how ASU supported his work, Sadow said “Caroline Savalle guided me throughout the internship by helping me on how to proceed in building the sustainability plan and taught me several professional skills.” There were many others who helped him during the project phases. For instance, “the business owners on Subway Street in downtown Old Bisbee helped to determine how to make their street a walk-only zone,” he said. This project provided an opportunity to meet new people who helped him build his profile. “The Public Works Department was insistent that I go to an ADA training session for municipal employees to learn about the finer points of building an ADA self-evaluation map,” he said. Sadow incorporated the knowledge gained from the training sessions into building Bisbee’s ADA self-evaluation map. “Jestin Johnson sent me to the APA Conference 2016 wherein I gained a lot of insights and exposure. He also helped me become a member of APA and ICMA (International City Manager’s Association), which is a great addition to my resume.” Bisbee Street Sadow was full of praise for the people working in the public sector. “They truly believe that the work they do positively affects the communities they work for and with,” he said. “Local government is where meaningful community change can be made, and those working in the field are proud of this fact,” he said. He also mentioned that he experienced an incredibly positive work environment while working in Bisbee City Hall (and in all the cities he worked) after being accepted into the Marvin Andrews Fellowship for Public Administration program at ASU. Two of the stakeholders for this project, Andy Haratyk and Jestin Johnson, wrote the letter of recommendation for his application for the Marvin Andrews Fellowship. The connections he made during his work in the project are helping Sadow to build more relationships. He is also applying the lessons he learned during the project in all his current works as a part of the Marvin Andrews Fellowship. By professionally communicating the works he has done, such as creating a sustainability plan, writing grants, and building maps, he is making great conversations with professionals across various states and building relationships with them. He even uses his experience in Bisbee as a conversation starter with the people who have been to or want to go to Bisbee. Sadow has some great advice for students who are considering signing up for a solutions-focused project like the one he did. “Take the position, enjoy every second of it, and do not be afraid to take an opportunity that is far from home!” suggested Sadow. He urges future prospects to make friends everywhere and not to overlook any potential connection. “Be ready for any possible opportunities through the connections, and don’t be afraid to ask them about anything they know of,” he said. He also advised to not neglect any relationships that may be beneficial in the future. On being asked about how the students can build upon the existing project, he mentioned a potential internship opportunity for future students to further enhance his project in the City of Bisbee with the Sustainability Commission and the Public Works Department. His presentations to Bisbee City Council can be found online by clicking on the following links (the dates he presented): April 5, 2016 April 29, 2016