Class Notes: Devon Edwards

My name is Devon Edwards and I just entered my second year as the Associate Director of the Corporate Eco Forum, a membership organization comprised of 70 large multinationals that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability as a business strategy issue. I entered this role shortly after graduating from SOS in May 2014, and have been fortunate to work with several of the most influential sustainable business leaders in the world (including one of my favorite professors, Bruno Sarda!). Over the last 6 months, I served as the lead author of our 2016 corporate renewable energy report, which was produced in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. The report, “Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement: A Snapshot of Key Trends, Practices, and Strategies in 2016,” draws on insights from 37 Corporate Eco Forum members and Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles signatories, representing 9 sectors, with combined revenues exceeding $1 trillion. Just want to communicate the work I'm doing in the sustainability space with SOS leadership -- something I haven't done before. I hope you find the report interesting and useful.