TSC Announces Sheila Bonini Joining WWF; Euan Murray Named CEO Effective December 1st

Euan standing in front of a well-shaded riverTempe, AZ – The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) announced today that Sheila Bonini will be stepping down as CEO to take a position at WWF and Euan Murray will be the new CEO effective December 1st. In her two years as CEO of TSC, Bonini has led a transformation of the organization to position it to leverage the tremendous scientific-based work through retailer implementation. Under her leadership TSC now has more than 1,700 suppliers using its tools, covering over $135 billion in retail trade. More suppliers are reporting daily, and 2016 should be TSC’s biggest year yet as more retailers join TSC and Walmart continues to expand. In addition to continued implementation at scale by Walmart and Sam’s Club, TSC has deepened its partnership with Kroger and is implementing with other major retailers in North America and Europe. Bonini has helped raise the level of the mission for TSC to drive impact across consumer product supply chains and produced TSC’s first ever Impact Report. Murray was named COO in 2015 after serving as Strategy Director and Chief Strategy Officer since 2012. Prior to joining TSC, Murray was the Director of Footprinting at the Carbon Trust. To date, Murray has led all of TSC’s operations including implementation with major retailers, global market expansion, new product development and external partnerships. This experience, combined with his background in strategy consulting and financial services make Murray extremely well qualified to take on the CEO role. Jon Johnson, TSC Chairman of the Board, said, “We thank Sheila for her invaluable contributions to TSC and her tremendous knowledge, enthusiasm and experience in expanding our vision and mission. Euan’s leadership in the last four years has also been instrumental in TSC’s transformation and current success through our global expansion, his key strategic partnerships, his work on major retailer projects and his day-to-day work with TSC staff and members. Euan is a natural leader, a highly-regarded colleague and has the skills and experience to take TSC to the next level. We are lucky to have such a qualified candidate already on staff. The TSC board has full faith in his vision for TSC’s future.” “As a TSC member, we trust that Euan Murray will continue working with Walmart in our commitment to more sustainable products. We value his passion for TSC and for sustainability and look forward to working with Euan in his new capacity,” states Laura Phillips, senior vice president for sustainability at Walmart. “Strengthening Walmart’s partnership with TSC on our Sustainability Index is very important to our future goals in this space.” Bonini thanked the TSC team, members and partners for their many contributions and accomplishments. Bonini said “It has been an honor to be able to contribute to moving an incredible organization forward with its tremendous potential to transform consumer goods supply chains and help make all the consumer products we buy more sustainable. By working together across supply chains, TSC –with its members and stakeholders – has the potential to change the world. TSC’s future is so bright, and Euan – supported by a tremendous leadership team, dedicated staff and committed Board – is absolutely the right leader to continue to deliver on our compelling mission.” “We believe that business and industry can be part of the solution in driving positive environmental change,” said Marcia Marsh, World Wildlife Fund Chief Operating Officer. “And that’s why we are excited to welcome Sheila in her new role as SVP of Private Sector Engagement and congratulate her appointment to TSC’s Board of Directors, representing WWF. With a shared vision and Sheila’s experience at TSC, we look forward to collaborating on sustainability initiatives with TSC that will develop impact metrics for critical conservation issues such as deforestation.” Murray underscored his commitment to TSC’s mission and strategic focus. “In our drive for a more sustainable planet, our mantra is Impact at Scale. TSC colleagues, members and partners are leading the way in making sustainable business mainstream. As I take on this new role, I’m inspired by their dedication and commitment to our mission. I want to see us build on the commitment of our 100 members and our $100 billion user base, to find new ways to help people, profits and the planet,” said Murray. “I want to pay tribute to Sheila and to her huge contribution to TSC. It is an honor to become TSC’s CEO, to lead such a fantastic team, and to take on one of the most important jobs in sustainability.”