A glimpse into life after graduation

Student standing in food bank pantryFor its third consecutive year, the School of Sustainability offers its students a hands-on look into what their future might hold with a career in sustainability. The Alumni Job Shadowing program, which began in 2014 and continues to grow, gives current students the opportunity to interact with and shadow a School of Sustainability alumnus for a day. The program provides students with insight into not only future career possibilities, but also into the world of professionalism, networking and higher education. Students receive one-on-one attention from their alumni sponsors and can see how their classes apply in the working world. “This job shadow gave me great insight into how my sustainability degree can be used in a real-world job. This opportunity has rejuvenated my interest in getting a job where I can apply the knowledge I gained from my classes… I believe it has made me confident as a student that my degree is such an intricate part of how a business operates,” says Adrian Nunez, a School of Sustainability Bachelor of Science student. Students like Maddie Mahnick, a School of Sustainability Bachelor of Arts student, embraced the opportunity to learn about their potential future with sustainability and encourage others to do the same. “The process is so simple and flexible with a small time commitment that there's no reason not to do a job shadow,” Mahnick says. “It is a really positive experience and overall helpful in learning the different paths you can take within sustainability.” Students aren’t the only ones raving about the program. For School of Sustainability alumni, the opportunity to help students find their path can be just as gratifying. “[The student] came with lots of questions that were absolutely relevant to his path as a student and the career he aspires to achieve. I was able to answer all of his questions and provide helpful information,” says Danielle Smilovsky, a 2010 Bachelor of Science alumnus who works as a Remote Sensing & GIS Scientist for Amec Foster Wheeler, of her experience. This fall, the School of Sustainability will once again invite students to join the rewarding and educational experience that is the Alumni Job Shadow program. We look forward to future participation from our students and alumni. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in either shadowing or being shadowed.