Partnership drives international sustainability education

ASU and BNU joint education programArizona State University is developing a long-term partnership with Beijing Normal University through a joint education program. This program between ASU and BNU allows the universities to drive their shared vision of sustainability through education. We’re excited to announce that BNU and ASU have agreed to establish a collaborative education program known as the “BNU-ASU 3+1+2 Program.” This program allows qualified undergraduate students enrolled at BNU to successfully complete three years of their curriculum at BNU, and then transfer to ASU for another year to finish their undergraduate program. When students complete the first four years in the program, they receive a bachelor’s degree from BNU, after which they have the option to pursue a two-year Master of Science in Sustainability degree at ASU's School of Sustainability. This partnership has evolved over the last three years, initially with ASU participation in BNU’s 2013 Summer Academy on Risk and Natural Hazards Management. In 2015, ASU faculty traveled to BNU to teach a condensed graduate course on Sustainability and Risk.  This year, ASU is teaching both a 10-week intensive graduate course in Scientific English and a 10-week graduate course on Sustainability and Risk. The partnership also enables ASU faculty to connect with colleagues in Beijing and beyond to strengthen existing collaborations, especially on the governance of natural resources and agricultural policies.