Apply by Dec. 1 to be part of a Center for Biodiversity Outcomes research project underway in Brazil

USAID has awarded new scholarship funding to ASU’s Global Development Research Scholar program for students to engage with biodiversity projects in Brazil. Biodiversity projects led by CBO faculty affiliates and partner organizations are among new opportunities that are part of the “Targeting Brazil Biodiversity for Research and Innovation Fellowships at ASU” initiative and a chance for students to be involved in important conservation work as a part of their graduate student experience. Scholarships are available through ASU’s GDR program with USAID, and students must apply by December 1 for consideration. Current CBO-affiliated projects in Brazil in need of student scholars are varied and challenging:
  • Researching the history and impact of biofuels innovations
  • Addressing hydro-social environmental impact of sugarcane production on land-use food security
  • Surveying tiger beetle taxonomy/conservation and use as bio-indicators and crop pest control
  • Understanding resource and land management issues related to cement and iron miners of RESEX
  • Researching conservation issues related to river dolphins, particularly the Amazon River dolphin
  • Surveying conservation issues related to the Franciscana dolphin
Duties for fellows assigned to the projects include:
  • Providing technical and programmatic support to partner communities and the USAID mission in Brazil, generating subsidies for environmental assessment and monitoring through diversity
  • Determining the impact on biodiversity due to human activities,
  • Working with CBO and CBO faculty affiliates and working as a CBO ambassador to strengthen CBO and ASU’s partnerships with Brazilian organizations,
  • Qualifying and improving specialized human resources trainings in the Amazon regional to meet regional demand,
  • Disseminating research findings and
  • Establishing new relationships with diverse entities that foster future collaborations.
For a detailed list of project opportunities available, contact [email protected] and visit the GDR website for information on how to apply. Application deadline is December 1, 2015.