CBO Announces NatureNet Fellowship - Call for Applications

CBO has partnered with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to join six other Universities (Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and Yale) that offer the prestigious NatureNet Science Fellows Program. This program will provide support for early career scientists to conduct research at the interface of science, technology and business in order to achieve biodiversity outcomes. With a gift from TNC, CBO has garnered an institutional match to support this program at the University, College and Unit level. Faculty from contributing units  (OKED, CBO, GIOS, CLAS, SOLS, SOS, SGSUP, SFIS, SMNS, SESE and SHESC)  will be eligible to serve as primary and secondary advisor for the postdoc. This broad institutional support demonstrates ASU’s commitment to transdisciplinary, use-driven science, science communication and leadership. We join a network of fellows, university scientists, and conservation practitioners to enhance scientific rigor and real world impact of work done across the network.