Experts present plan to green Albania's education system

Gary Dirks presents green schools study to Albanian audienceOn June 4, ASU Wrigley Institute Director Gary Dirks presented a plan - based on a study authored by sustainability scientist Mick Dalrymple - to transform Albania's education system. The transformation would take place through a series of innovative, sustainable improvements to that nation's 3,300 schools, could generate more than 220,000 new jobs and increase Albania’s gross domestic product by $880 million. Among those in attendance during Dirks' presentation, given in Albania's capital of Tirana, were Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Minister of Education and Sports Lindita Nikolla. Albanian leaders initially approached ASU's sustainability experts for help in making its schools safe, stable and energy efficient. ASU’s Global Sustainability Solutions Services - a program within the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives - evaluated the opportunities, challenges, impacts and costs for “greening” Albania’s school buildings before developing a multi-tier approach to improving energy efficiency, air quality, indoor and outdoor facilities, and other design elements.