ASU, Argonne partner to tackle country's greatest challenges

Argonne-ASU-SustainabilityTo facilitate a broad portfolio of research, Arizona State University has signed a five-year memorandum with the Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.  The memorandum will establish a structure for ASU and Argonne to pursue novel research in areas including decision making based on climate variability and uncertainty; the impacts of global population dynamics and urbanization; the challenges of renewable energy practices; and creating innovative solutions to problems in energy, education and sustainability. It became apparent that the two institutions shared a belief in the power of interdisciplinary and cooperative research during ongoing work on the Foresight Initiative. The $20 million, five-year project brings together knowledge and capabilities from a variety of organizations, including Argonne’s Global Security Sciences Division. Led by sustainability scientist Nadya Bliss, it aims to develop an integrated computational platform that will enable decision makers to explore how climate change and future resource contention could contribute to political unrest and instability.