Undergrad Researcher Opportunity at Phoenix Zoo

The new Conservation Research Training Program (PZSoLS CRTP) - created through a partnership between the Phoenix Zoo and School of Life Sciences (SoLS) at Arizona State University (ASU) - promotes and facilitates opportunities for a SoLS undergraduate major at ASU to participate in research through the SOLUR program at the Phoenix Zoo’s Conservation and Science Center. This is an exciting opportunity to engage in real-world experimental design and applied research in strong collaboration with an academic institution and an internationally recognized zoo. The selected individual will enter into a mentorship with Phoenix Zoo and ASU researchers conducting ex situ and in situ studies at the zoo. This student will be exposed to all aspects of the scientific method, including observation, experimental design, and data collection and analysis, while drawing on the academic expertise of SoLS faculty and the species conservation expertise of Phoenix Zoo staff. They may also develop and conduct an independent study as part of this program. The student will also participate in ASU's SOLUR seminar, where they become a part of the larger undergraduate research community at ASU and gain insights into broader aspects of the research enterprise (e.g. ethics, collaboration, community outreach). PZSoLS CRTP students will gain valuable real-world experience in conservation and will be challenged in a manner that will prepare them for a career in life sciences. A one-year paid position is available starting July 2014, with the potential to renew annually if sufficient progress is made. Apply Here PZSoLS CRTP PDF