ASU scientist positioned to advance supply chain research

supply-chain-networks-pitu-mirchandaniIn recognition of his advancement of engineering and science in logistics, ASU professor and sustainability scientist Pitu Mirchandani has earned the Avnet Chair in Supply Chain Networks. The role will support Mirchandani's efforts further education and research in the field through the design, analysis and operation of supply chain networks. He will do so using models that consider the development, manufacture and delivery of a product or service, as well as factors like facilities' capacities and transportation routing. “I want to marry mathematical modeling and optimization approaches in industrial engineering to computer science. This will boost our capability to do more extensive real-time analysis and decision-making,” Mirchandani says. Avnet Inc. is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Phoenix that offers information technology services to businesses, along with global logistics and programming services to enhance supply chain operations. It endowed the Chair in Supply Chain Networks in recognition of ASU’s accomplishments and commitment to the field, and to help strengthen the company’s relationship with the university.