Collaboration launches Center for Biosocial Complex Systems

ASU-Biosocial-Complex-SystemsIn order to advance understanding of problems that span biological and social systems, Arizona State University and the Santa Fe Institute will launch a research and education collaboration called the Center for Biosocial Complex Systems. Two areas of particular interest to the center are the dynamics of innovation, and the urbanization and scaling of cities. As cities grow and strive to be more sustainable, they face new challenges. The Center for Biosocial Complex Systems will help scientists and policymakers alike gain a better understanding of the intricacies behind these challenges. It will also offer solutions to scenarios, such as in health care and human behavior, that a rapidly urbanizing world might face. These solutions will have local and global application. Sander van der Leeuw, a School of Sustainability Foundation Professor, will serve as director of the center with fellow Distinguished Sustainability Scientist Manfred Laubichler.