Seed grant advances sustainability through art

trout-fishing-art-sustianability"Trout Fishing in America and Other stories" is an art exhibition that follows conservation biologists as they work to save two endangered species in the Grand Canyon: the humpback chub and California condor. The artists behind the exhibition, Bryndis Snæbjörnsdóttir of Iceland and Mark Wilson of England, dedicated over two years to collecting photos, videos and artifacts that provide a visual – and, in some instances, tangible – experience of the region and the complex conservation processes that govern its inhabitants. "Trout Fishing in America and Other stories" is funded by the “Rhetoric and Sustainability” seed grant, offered through the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. The exhibition represents an ongoing partnership between the ASU Art Museum and ASU Wrigley Institute, as both units participate in the Arts and Humanities in Sustainability Series. The partnership recognizes art's ability to go beyond science to understand people’s perceptions and where roadblocks to sustainable solutions implementation lie.