Article highlights Julie Wrigley's commitment to sustainability at ASU

julie-wrigley-sustainability-asuAn article recently published in the Idaho Mountain Express examines resident Julie Ann Wrigley's interest in sustainability. The article, titled "Julie Wrigley puts her money where the green is," places special emphasis on the $50 million contribution that the philanthropist and environmentalist has made to ASU's Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, a department named in her honor. According to the article, Wrigley's donation was inspired by the vision of Michael Crow, president of ASU and author of the "New American University Reader." She  cites ASU's willingness to work across disciplines and form partnerships as its defining characteristics, making it the model of a university capable of solving 21st century problems. “Under the old model, one part of the university has no reason to work with another part,” Wrigley said. “At ASU, sustainability is a value system campus-wide, not just a single field of study.”