Make ASU's campus sustainable!

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ASU offers an exciting, new opportunity for students to apply for funding by proposing projects that make any of the ASU campuses more sustainable. ASU invests in convincing projects through the Sustainability Initiatives Revolving Fund (SIRF). The SIRF mission is to be a project showcase that proves that sustainability is good business—by investing in projects that have direct impact on expanding campus sustainability.

SIRF funds many different projects, in particular those that relate to energy conservation and renewable resource development and have a direct financial return. ASU invites students to submit their project proposal by applying to the University Community Sustainability Micro Grants (maximum $ 5,000 per project).

SIRF seeks projects that address the goals of the ASU Strategic Plan for Sustainability: Carbon Neutrality, Zero Solid/Water Waste, Active Engagement, Principled Practice. Check out the application process here.

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