Sustainability scientist appointed Howard Hughes professor

Ariel Anbar 2014

Ariel Anbar, a distinguished sustainability scientist and biogeochemist, has been selected as Arizona State University’s first Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor. The Maryland-based biomedical research institute announced its 15 appointments, representatives of 13 universities, on June 30. This honor recognizes Anbar as a pioneer in his field and includes a five-year, $1 million grant to support his research and educational activities.

Since the inception of the institute's professor program in 2002, and including the new group of 2014 professors, only 55 scientists have received Howard Hughes Medical Institute appointments. These professors are regarded as accomplished research scientists working to change undergraduate science education in the United States. Anbar was named an ASU President’s Professor in 2013 in recognition of his efforts to enhance online education. He is dedicated to developing the medium so as to better educate and encourage a generation that has grown up with the Internet.