National business magazine cites ASU's carbon neutrality efforts

carbon neutrality

A testament to ASU's carbon neutrality efforts, a cover story in the June 2014 issue of Business Officer magazine titled "Going for Zero" cites multiple examples of the university's sustainability features. The article's opening paragraph references the 78,000 photovoltaic panels on ASU property, which outnumber its 76,000 students. It also features numerous quotes from Morgan R. Olsen, ASU’s executive vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer, which highlight the value of these infrastructure improvements.

 “On the research front, one of the things we can contribute is the training of millions of people we educate every year to become leaders of tomorrow," Olsen is quoted as saying. "While in some respects higher education has a small physical footprint compared to the rest of world, from an environmental standpoint we have an outsized ability to have positive impact through our education mission.”