ASU partners on groundbreaking sustainable development plan

ASU Dutch Sustainability Plan

The Netherlands’ Municipality of Haarlemmermeer is working to become one of northern Europe’s centers for sustainability-driven commerce. Arizona State University is the United States’ leader in sustainability education and research. Together, along with private partners in the Haarlemmermeer region, ASU and the municipality are collaborating to create the world’s first regional plan based on the principles of a “circular economy.”

The project, “Haarlemmermeer Beyond Sustainability,” will be coordinated by the Global Sustainability Solutions Center at Haarlemmermeer, a program within the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives at ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability. The center will create a regional visioning and planning strategy that will close resource loops in the most efficient, economical and sustainable manner possible. It will also act as facilitator for the municipality and various stakeholders in the region to define and outline the groundbreaking plan. The project includes designing the circular economy strategy and identifying closed loop energy, water, matter and other resource cycles that are pragmatic, market-based and adaptable for the region.