Reminder: 2014 Education Meeting in Haarlemmermeer


The Board’s “education meeting” for 2014 will focus on a core challenge of sustainability—urbanization. Thus, it will be comprised of highly interactive discussions with world renown thinkers and doers on how to make cities sustainable. The discussion theme is “Old Cities/New Cities/Sustainable Cities.” We’ll devote a day to discussing sustainability solutions being applied in the historic city of Amsterdam followed by a day of discussions about how the newly emerging municipality of Haarlemmermeer intends to create cities that are the most sustainable in Europe.

Our meeting will include a canal cruise of Amsterdam (to see some of the city’s sustainability challenges and solutions), a tour of Park 20/20 in Haarlemmermeer (arguably the most innovative, sustainable business park in the world, designed by Board member Bill McDonough), a dinner with Dutch business leaders and dignitaries at the remarkable De Arendshoeve Greenhouse (the Garden of Amsterdam), and a close-up look at the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative’s Study Abroad Program and its Global Sustainability Solutions Center in the Netherlands.

Contact Vanessa Davis ([email protected]) for details.