Phoenix Business Journal: User-based renewables make utilities nervous

The recent uprising of innovative energy technologies is profiled in a Phoenix Business Journal article by reporter Hayley Ringle. Currently, "homegrown" power is replacing utility-based power, making large corporations like Arizona Public Service (APS) struggle to keep up. Emerging technologies like solar, wind, and battery storage are driving down costs and making more people turn to renewable energy. Several experts from Arizona State University weigh in, including the Global Institute of Sustainability's Mick Dalrymple and Harvey Bryan.

Self-sufficient home and business owners with rooftop solar have created a heated energy environment in Arizona, with utilities fighting against it.

"When you’re generating kilowatt-hours behind the meter, for yourself, you’re taking away kilowatt-hours that would ordinarily be sold by the utility," Bryan says. "You’re competing with them in a way."

Time will only tell if utilities catch-up with technology.

"One thing is for sure: No industry that has fought to slow or prevent technological innovation has won in the long run," says Dalrymple. "It is not a winning strategy."