Triple Pundit: Sustainability business leaders focus on 'can do'

Walton Challenge MakerIn a recent Triple Pundit article by Arizona State University Sustainability Scientist George Basile and consultant Bruno Sarda, the "can't do" overshadows the positivity of change and innovation in today's business world. "The 'can’t do' conversation is, by its very nature, a discussion of inaction, of intention rather than execution," writes the authors. "In order to bridge the gap between intention and execution, the world needs effective and determined leaders who know how to use tools such as strategy, global context, communication, and an emerging suite of new leadership skills to make the necessary change our planet and society needs to 'thrive today and tomorrow.'" ASU has answered the call for sustainability leaders by establishing the School of Sustainability and Global Institute of Sustainability. The Institute launched the new Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives in which one particular initiative starting this January, the Executive Master's for Sustainability Leadership, targets current and future business professionals who want to incorporate sustainability into every sector of the workplace but don't yet know how.