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Arizona Student Environmental Coalition

The Arizona Student Environmental Coalition (ASEC) is a political action organization made up entirely of college students in the state of Arizona. The group believes that Arizona must transition from a fossil fuel economy to a clean energy economy, which for them means a prompt phase-out of coal fired electricity and the creation of a vibrant new solar industry. ASEC is a group of diligent citizens, safeguarding their local and global environment for future generations and for their own future on this planet.
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Energy Club at ASU

The purpose of the Energy Club is to keep its members actively engaged with and abreast of economic, social, technological, and policy issues affecting the energy sector and to educate students about the grand challenges impacting the global energy sector. The Energy Club provides a forum for interdisciplinary student discussion, interaction, and engagement related to global energy issues.
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Engineers Without Borders, ASU Chapter

Engineers Without Borders, ASU chapter, is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects. The group connects university students, ASU faculty, and industry professionals to applied projects.
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Global Water Brigades

Water Brigades is one of many programs in Global Brigades, the world's largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Water Brigades works to prevent water related illnesses in communities with limited access to clean water, by helping with planning, design, and construction of water systems. Additionally the group provides education and training so that the community can properly administer, operate, maintain, and sustain their water system.
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GlobalResolve works together with a range of partners to develop sustainable technologies and programs in the areas of energy, clean water, and local economic development for rural communities in the developing world.
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GreenLight Solutions

GreenLight Solutions is a student-run sustainability consulting service that exists to enable sustainability minded undergraduate and graduate students at ASU to apply their education, through consulting projects, to help organizations to operate more sustainably.
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Local to Global Justice

This group’s primary goal is to educate ASU students and the greater community about issues of local and global justice, while promoting diversity, freedom of speech, and academic freedom of discussion. The group believes it is vital to connect local diversity, sustainability, and social justice issues to larger global struggles.
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Nourish International at ASU

Nourish International at ASU works to eradicate poverty by engaging students and empowering communities. Nourish serves to help students take a stand against the poverty crisis in a tangible way. By actively engaging in social entrepreneurship, the group works alongside developing communities to implement sustainable development projects, serving as a resource and catalyst for communities.
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Real Food ASU

Real Food Challenge is a nationwide non-profit grassroots leadership project. Real Food's goal is to address topics within food systems, especially local, humane, fair, and ecologically sound food. The group works toward an understanding of what type of food system nourishes the producers, consumers, community, and earth.
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Sun Devils for Wildlife Conservation

This group’s goal is to spread awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation through active participation in legislation and to assist local conservation groups financially and physically through fundraising and volunteer efforts. Additionally, the group works with several animal rights organizations to improve the treatment of animals in Arizona.

U.S. Green Building Council, ASU Chapter

USGBC Students is an official organization of the U.S. Green Building Council. The organization fosters education, community involvement, scientific study, and research in the field of environmentally sustainable building. ASU’s chapter has a goal to help students at ASU gain the knowledge needed to become LEED Accredited through study sessions, educational workshops, and practice tests.
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