Peace linked to sustainable agriculture

It is estimated that the world’s population will reach 9.5 billion by 2050, pushing an already-stressed food system to the brink of exhaustion. Unfortunately, young generations are becoming less and less interested in agriculture. To inspire future farmers, Sustainability Scientists Rimjhim Aggarwal and Marek Wosinski organized this year's "Empowerment for Peace through Leadership in Agribusiness and Sustainability" workshop taking place in India on Oct. 19-26.

The workshop will focus on in-field sustainable agriculture training for young community leaders from 18 developing countries.

"We want to show that this is not completely impossible; it will take time,” says Aggarwal.
"Sometimes you think a project won’t be successful, but then you meet someone who had similar difficulties and then see that yes, it is a huge task, but it has been done. And that is a tremendous source of inspiration."