Boardroom Journal: Exploring sustainability's impact on the global food supply chain

In the October 2013 issue of Boardroom Journal by Food Product Design, Senior Sustainability Scientist George Basile and The Sustainability Consortium's CEO Kara Hurst comment on sustainability's role in the global food supply chain.

In his article on pages 4-6, Basile writes that when people think about food, they don't necessarily recognize the complex system behind their favorite sandwich. To correct this, he suggests a new sustainability lens in which to look at food. Food impacts many sustainability issues we have today: economic, social, and environmental. He writes, "Without secure food supply and access, sustainability is no more possible than the running of a machine is without fuel."

In her piece on pages 11-12, Hurst asks how sustainable your business is. She writes, "Sustainable businesses care about what they do with the money that they make...They care more, however, about how that money was made in the first place." The Sustainability Consortium is working on a sustainability index to measure product and service sustainability.