National exhibit to feature ASU students’ sustainable urban design research

Honors students in Senior Sustainability Scientist David Pijawka's course will have their research photographs and videos displayed in October's Biophilic Cities Launch exhibit.

Pijawka's course, Sustainable Cities, focused on sustainability issues within urban cities. The honors students explored Valley locations and analyzed their "biophilic," or natural designs. Biophilia, a concept popularized by ecologist E.O. Wilson, suggests that humans have an innate connection to nature and need it to be happy and healthy. Cities apply biophilia to design buildings, parks, preserves, and residences.

"Biophilia is a 'hook' for sustainability; students often engage with this concept really quickly because they can think about themselves and how nature plays a role in their life," says Dorothy Trippel, Pijawka's teaching assistant and a graduate of the School of Sustainability.

The exhibit will take place on October 17-20 at the University of Virginia.