Nature: ASU President Michael Crow on digital learning

In an article published in the journal "Nature," Arizona State University President Michael Crow explores the pros and cons of online learning, drawing from multiple case studies from Harvard, San José State University in California, and ASU. While many skeptics say online learning greatly degrades the quality of education, ASU President Crow says, "...twenty-first-century interactive technologies offer the potential for adaptive, personalized learning on an infinite scale."

What some first called a "fad," technological advances have altered the learning environment, changing the way students freely access information and conduct their research. ASU has embraced online education, whether it be through completely online courses or a mix of in-person and online.

"Our objective is to create an environment in which a person can learn anything, and thus we must avail ourselves of every tool, mechanism and means," Crow says. "We must lead and shape this revolution, not recoil from it, if we are to avoid stifling innovation."